DC-DC converter transformer

It is used in step-up or step-down converters. These transformers can be used in self-saturated or square wave driven applications.

Dc-DC converter transformerTransformer.jpg

Amplifiers, LED power sources, Charge pumps, Power optimizers, etc.

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Drive transformer

It is needed in a SMPS to control the timing of the circuit. They also are used for voltage isolation and impedance matching.

Drive transformerTransformer.jpg

Motor controls, Power inverter circuits, Amplifying circuits,  etc.

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Encapsulated transformer (Potting transformer)

It's transformer which is completely sealed by epoxy or PU that protects the transformer from dirt, dust, moisture, and any other contaminants.

Encapsulated transformer ( Potting transformer )Transformer.jpg

Pumps, Outdoor lightings and commercial applications, etc.

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Flyback transformer

It's designed to generate high voltage sawtooth signals at a relatively high frequency.

Flyback transformerTransformer.jpg

CRT-display devices such as television sets and CRT computer monitors, SMPS, etc.

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High voltage pulse transformer

Transmits voltage pulses at workable signal fidelity while most transformers transfer energy and power.

2High volt transformerTransformer.jpg

Audios, Power distributions, LAN and Ethernet networks, etc.

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Linear transformer ( Lamination transformer )

Use for increasing low AC voltages at high current (a step-up transformer) or decreasing high AC voltages at low current (a step-down transformer).

Group 33Transformer.jpg

a wide range of electronic and electric power applications.

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LLC transformer

It is key to determining efficiency of the entire LLC resonant converter.

LLC transformerTransformer.jpg

LED & LCD Televisions, Industrial LED Lightings, High-end Audios, etc.

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Power Transformer

One of tranformer that is designed for high power rating ranges.

Power Transformer.jpg

SMPS, HID Ballasts,  Welding machines, etc.

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Push pull transformer

It is widely used in converting direct current (D.C.) voltage into another value of D.C. voltage, and in inverters. Inverters convert direct current into alternating current (A.C.).

Push pull transformerTransformer.jpg

Communication systems, medical instruments and distributed power supplies.

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SMD transformer

This type of transformer is placed during surface mount manufacturing processing

SMD transformerTransformer.jpg

Mobile Phones, Telecommunication, Medical instruments, etc.

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Switching transformer

Using in a regulated power supply and function to step up or step down voltage or current, and/or provide isolation between the input and output side of a switch mode power supply.

2switching transformerTransformer.jpg

Motor controls, Power inverter circuits, Telecommunication, Power optimizers, LED, etc.

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Customized Transformer

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