Celebrating International Women’s Day - An Opportunity for Women in Manufacturing

8 March 2022

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Traditional paradigm reflects the term of ‘’manufacturing’’ that might be misled, people may imagine something like heavy-duty workmanship working gruelling with long hours or doing repetitive and unchallenging line-work in hazardous environments with a belief that the industry is still male-dominated, BUT an imagination is already outdated. However, it is unfortunate that pre-conceptions such as these misleading paradigms have been kept alive in society for years, which could be one of the answers to why women do not even consider working in the manufacturing industry as an opportunity. However, it changes when Robots, Artificial intelligence and Machines are now doing heavy lifting works as well as the automatization is simplified to manage a majority of repetitive tasks at a manufacturing shop floor. In the studies, the results show that two of the most important factors for women in the workplace are the ability to do what they do love to do and will do best as well as how women handle their work-life balance, which they are both achievable nowadays in manufacturing roles. To honor women in the workforce at KV Electronics, we offer equal benefits to our female employees as well as promote gender quality policy to contrary and correct the old perceptions to a new era - a manufacturing industry is now offering quality jobs with lots of developments, skill-refinements and opportunities for both men and women alike.


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As a member of the manufacturing industry in Thailand, we are lucky to access a pull of untapped female talent in a country, our factory employs more than 70%, female workers. Attracting female talent can help fill the growing lack of skilled workers and is also paramount to secure the workforce of the future due to a large number of baby boomer generations will retire in the next decades, a country will be soon facing problems of an ageing society. 
Diversity becomes a part of our social sustainability goals. KV Electronics increases the percentage of female talent will enhance the opportunity for both inclusive and sustainable economic growth for a company. According to the research and what KV Electronics experiences, adopting a policy of gender equality will promote workplace diversity that could benefit the industry with follows:

  • More diverse perspectives.
  • More innovative and creative approaches and solutions.
  • More balanced organizational management.
  • Improved team productivity.
  • Improved work-life balance.

From training programs, promotional opportunities to novel and challenging work assignments due to a fact that there is a lack of skilled workers in the industry, women is now standing out as a good chance of not just finding a job for their living, they also have access to great and equal career opportunities like it has never been available before. KV Electronics is empowered that we will continue providing numerous developments and incentives to encourage more women to consider taking a career in manufacturing for business sustainment in the years to come.
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UNITED NATIONS International Women’s Day - 8 March

Join UN Women and the world is coming together under the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, and call for climate action for women, by women.

Every year, for honoring women who are breaking barriers and achieving the impossible every single day, March 8 is marked as International Women's Day across the globe. The day that our world celebrates the cultural, political and socio-economical achievements of women and girls.

Learn More on UN Website: https://www.unwomen.org/en/news-stories/in-focus/2022/03/in-focus-international-womens-day

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