CSR Program – Dream Maker of Gifted Blind Pianist in Thailand

21 February 2022

It’s been over three decades that “a promise made is a promise kept” becomes a loving push of everyone at KV Electronics for having a better tomorrow. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of the business self-regulation which KV Electronics aims to contribute to the societal goals of a philanthropic, activist and/or charitable nature by engaging in supporting volunteering programs, social developments and/or ethically oriented practices. There are numerous charities that welcome volunteers in Thailand. This gives KV Electronics as a corporate an opportunity to give back to the community through working with charities, partners and associations that match with the needs of society, corporate cultures and social-driven issues.
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In 2021/22, there is a volunteering program, namely “Backyard Homeschool Program”, this program supports by the establishment in partnership with cooperation from KV Electronics, CONNEXT ED Foundation in Thailand and Thailand Association of the Blind (in association with Bangkok School for the Blind). The program is set up with the objectives as such (1) To provide the same opportunities and educational experiences in school for blind children as those provided for normal sighted children, (2) To allow blind children and their families, neighbors and friends to interact socially in normal day-to-day situations, (3) To change the typical public response to blindness by demonstrating that blind children are children first and blind children next, and (4) To provide a natural basis for adult life experiences so that blind students may take their proper places as contributing members in all sectors of the society.

The initiative of Backyard Homeschool Program is based on the demand-driven learnings that creates “A New Model of Special Education for Blind and Low Vision Students” in addition to the day-to-day educations regularly provided in the normal school hours, helping the young blinds to develop their soft skill, self-development program and life-surviving knowledge through an Integrated Educations and Experiences shared and taught by the volunteers who are specialists in the field that Blind Children wish to learn as well as to help those who are born-gifted blind finding and developing their talents for the future livings and making them widely accepted by the societies.

The making of a little Mozart – There is a Blind Pianist shares an inspiring story from the Backyard Homeschool Program. Picking up the innate skills to play a piano by a 17 talented blind girl becomes the inspirations for many, she went on learning the piano by herself from a home-school with honoring Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Austrian composer, widely recognized as one of the greatest composers in the history of Western music) as her classical musician idol. A young and gifted girl also has a big dream of the lifetime to conduct and showcase her own Solo Piano Concert which this may be an invisible dream criticized by others, especially, it is indeed impossible for a visually impaired child. 

The role of Backyard Homeschool Program in Thailand as organized by many partners including KV Electronics has come to play the making of a dream comes true, a program recruited the volunteers who are the classical pianist/musician by professional becoming the mentor for a girl and to organize special learning courses of the piano further to paving a road for her higher education in a classical music school at the University in Thailand for this talented blind girl to pursue, develop and scale up her musical talents in professional-oriented manners.

You may watch more about this inspiring story in Thai language from YouTube VDO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PusQYK9o_Eo

KV Electronics believes that its CSR Program through the volunteering will enrich the experience and an opportunity to make a better world for tomorrow, and this advocates a corporate promise of “Growing Together” which is our core value that has evolved from openness, collaboration and empathy among our employees binding with the industrial communities.

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