“Company CSR Week” to celebrate GREEN Projects

18 September 2023

KV Electronics runs “Company CSR Week” in September 2023

to celebrate GREEN Projects


In September 2023 - the GREEN team at KV Electronics ran the CSR campaign. It organizes various activities on the theme of "Water", including launching the Happy Green Donation to “Seub Nakhasathien Foundation” in Thailand and using the "KV-Green Sticker" virtualized on social media, labeled in the working area at the office/factory. Online platforms promote how everyone at a company and others in public can support CSR's goal of achieving water conservation and environmental sustainability in any activities we do in life.


Supported by the management of KV Electronics and led by the committees at the HR department, the company introduces a team that runs the Happy Green Campaign and also promotes energy efficiency, renewable energy, and low-carbon lifestyle among employees as well as organizations in the public, in particular to foster and empower the younger generations to realize about “Green Approach” and how it's going to impact everyday life of every one of us.

In a week of CSR, our employees will find and participate in a list of ideas/activities for being GREEN initiatives started by the pioneers GREEN/CSR project of a team from Human Resources, including the use of aluminum canned water that is more valuable for recycle and waste management instead of using any bottled water contained in the single-use plastics.

31.jpgAs part of activities in CSR Week – We run a campaign that a company will pick the best natural-friendly beverage to serve visitors/customers only what we sourced from the suppliers of eco-products who help protect the environment and share income with the communities.


Join us - It’s a time to celebrate the important role that a company plays in its efforts to promote the awareness of all employees on GREEN PROJECT in the form of CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility activities and set the events to picture how climate change will soon take an affect in our everyday life if we don’t act to protect the environment now.

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