FTI Visit to Factory

1 November 2022

FTI Visit to Factory     ​​​​​​IMG_0498RR_RE.jpg

November 1, 2022 – The management of KV Electronics Co., Ltd. chaired by Dr. Katiya Greigarn welcomed the delegates and distinguished guests from the Federation of Thai Industries (https://fti.or.th/) led by Mr. Pongchai Chaichirawiwat, a member of taskforce group from the Industry 4.0 Reform and Development/FTI, Mr. Pornchai Phulsuksombati, a representative from Food Industry/FTI, Mr. Kanaphon Wongpichayawisan, a representative from ICTI/FTI and Mr. Wanchat Suttiwan, a representative from Digital Industry/FTI to visit and participate in a panel discussion at KV Electronics Factory on an interested topic how to create an awareness of public sectors at the government on realizing the Industry 4.0 promotion to manufacturing industries at the provincial level in Thailand.

During the site visit, KV Electronics showcased its products manufactured with state of the art in process, system and operation designed to achieve better productivity and cost effectiveness distinguished the operational personalities of making an ecosystem to create the environment that makes automations, robots and humans to work seamlessly in collective collaboration which Thai SMEs can also afford to adopt and apply these manufacturing techniques to upgrade their manufacturing in all areas, including an increase in productivity and on-time-delivery.  IMG_0515RRER.JPG

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