A Private Exhibition at the Ministry of Energy

24 July 2023

A Private Exhibition at the Ministry of Energy

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The Ministry of Energy, Bangkok - In response to the Thai government's call, a collaborative effort has emerged by uniting the technological and electronics industry's finest minds in forming a think-tank group.

IMG-7799 Re.jpgKV Electronics participated in and showcased its private exhibition at the annual seminar which was an event held at the Thailand Ministry of Energy, and co-organized by the private sectors and government agencies under the topic of discussion about the “Smart Electronics Industry” and how to structure its national strategies of 2023-2027.

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The outcomes of the seminar will be part of the making of the Public Whitepaper that shall be proceeding to the stakeholders of the Electrical and Electronics Industry in Thailand, including the governments.

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The mission is to advocate for the establishment of a robust ecosystem for advanced/smart electronics, particularly focusing on strengthening the upstream semiconductor sector in the country.

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By fostering seamless connectivity among all stakeholders in the value chain, the industrials aim to swiftly enhance the country's competitiveness in semiconductors starting from the foundry to chip manufacturing, and to strengthen the country becoming one of the prime locations for manufacturing semiconductors in Asia with a strategy to continue attracting the investments as the steppingstone for the growth and sustainability of Smart Electronics sector in Thailand.

This initiative of the Thai government is especially crucial during these challenging times, where global power dynamics, notably between China and the United States, are heavily influencing international support structures from their allies. The goal is to position Thailand favorably during these geopolitical shifts and accelerate progress toward a thriving national tech industry.

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