KV Electronics - Introduction and Serving on a Juror of Thailand National Innovation Award 2022

20 June 2022


Congratulations on a company’s appointment to the jury panel of Thailand National Innovation Award (NIA Award) for a year 2022.

NIA Award is the most prestigious award of leading innovation industry in Thailand to seize the opportunity to step onto the international stage. It is one of the frontlines to showcase corporate innovation of all segments in Thailand to eyes of the world.

In collaboration with National Innovation Agency in Thailand (NIA Thailand) and Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) serving on a Juror of the national award level such as NIA AWARD (Economy) is truly a rewarding opportunity and experience that allows KV Electronics to be a part of selecting and learning outstanding projects, leading firms and/or ambitious individuals that contribute to the mission of innovating the technologies and sciences to build and support the economy and sustainable growth of a country.

National Innovation Award for the year 2022, Award Segment is divided into 5 categories as follows:

1.   Economy (Creating commercial value and benefit the country's economy).

2.   Social and Environment (Creating value to society, community and environment).

3.   Product and Service Design (Creating value and added value for products and services).

4.   Media and Communication (Innovative works and people who create content and communication methods using new technology and communication formats).

5.   Outstanding Innovation Organization (Organizations with outstanding innovation management in the organization from the strategic level to process level and the level of corporate infrastructure).

The winner of each award category is the one who uses innovations in business, development and practice resulting from the use and expand of knowledge and creativity that benefit the economy and society of a whole.

Whilst the reviewed process and nominee’s selection of the jury panel is to ensure the standards, objectives and criterion of the award are met, and it is highly received national and international recognitions as well as to ensure the most equitable basis which all entries and nominees can be judged fairly and independently.

Please read through the entirety of award handouts and become familiar with this prior beginning the application process at https://award.nia.or.th/en

**Last Day of Submission Nominations and Entries: June 30, 2022

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