KV Electronics - The Prime Minister’s Award-Winning Company 2022

5 October 2022


      The Government House of Thailand, October 5, 2022 – The government of Thailand invites the management of KV Electronics to the Awards Ceremony of “The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2022” that was organized at the Government House in Bangkok, Thailand.

       This year, KV Electronics is honored to be named as one of leaders and winners to receive the most prestigious award at the national level for all industries in Thailand - The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2022.




      This top national award is annually organized under the collaborative Govt. agencies led by Thailand Ministry of Industry with an objective to recognize the organizations, achievements and people behind the corporate success that are bringing initiatives, managements and ideas to life in various innovative ways for the prosperity and unity of all industries in a country, including productivity enhancement, environmental friendly manufacturing, quality excellence, safety and security, logistics and supply chain, circular economy, energy management, international standard and business administration, innovation and technology management, growth industry, social responsibility and creative product development.

      These award categories of the PM’s Industry Award honor any businesses that are performing the best of their industries and for those who contribute such exceptional efforts to provide the most noncomparable quality of products and services supported to their customers and stakeholders.


      KV Electronics Co.,Ltd. , we are a national award-winning company of the Prime Minister’s Award Categorized for Small and Medium Enterprise as a winner from the best of innovative technology management in 2022. This recognition from Thai governments and our fellows in the industries reminds the importance of a statement the company pledges to be a leader in knowledge-oriented organization, automated process optimization and human resource development moving a company towards sustainable competitive advantages through organizational innovations and cutting-edge technologies for the generations to come.


Thailand Advancing to the Future, KV Electronics commits to be on the same journey

      Award is an acknowledgement of a job well done and justification for the agony, the self-doubtful assessment, and the hard work of each and every one that went into winning it.

      Winning the highest award of a country from the Prime Minister of Thailand makes everyone at KV Electronics feels proud and is also empowered our leadership to continue improving to be excellent in all areas.


      More importantly, being an award winner gives us the validation of what we focused on making company’s competitiveness by improving production processes towards a working concept of Automation Simplification and to continue improving other related operations through the adoption and use of innovation and technology, they are all correct.​​​​​​

       In addition, winning an award helps boosting our confidence to be a part of the working plan of the Govt agencies in Thailand that they focus on the development of SMEs to complement Thailand’s New Tech. Industries for a long-term growth to sustain and to foster Thai SMEs boarded into the value-chain of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) at Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Program where is unarguably the most ambitious connectivity and probably the largest project in a mainland Southeast Asia with the potentials to connect the Asia Pacific Region with the Indian Ocean Rim and beyond.  


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(Minutes of 18:29 / At the Awards Ceremony, the Prime Minister of Thailand visited an exhibition of KV Electronics showcased at the Government House)


and Live The Prime Minister's Industry Awards 2022 (Minutes of 29.07-29.15 for KV Electronics Co.,Ltd.)


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