KV Internship - Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry.

17 October 2023

KV Internship - Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry.


“The Internship Program at KV Electronics is executed in collaboration with the engineering schools of renowned universities and colleges in Thailand.”

The Internship Program at KV Electronics is open on an ongoing basis, and we are proud to be working with the curricular Internship of the Faculty of Engineering at Suranaree University of Technology (www.sut.ac.th) in Thailand.

The program is designed to bring highly qualified and motivated engineering students with diverse backgrounds into the organization and provides them the opportunities to work on projects with a team at KV Electronics that are also linked to the core operational excellence of the company on smart automation and how innovation, technology, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) play a role in modernizing Industrial 4.0 environment, including to visualize the students on a real-life by learning onsite experiences from people at work as well as how the corporate functions are professionally organized within the organization.


A company sets its goal to give the opportunity to improve the interns on their analytical and technical skills within an international manufacturing environment and crafts the interns on people’s soft skills of public presentation and interpersonal communication to deal and team up with their colleagues, peers, and mentors on the projects. In particular, the company aims to demonstrate to the interns how a workplace homes everyone to work happily at KV Electronics.

As we know, success in establishing industry and organizational communication has not been easy. This issue primarily stems from a need for talents to develop industrial innovations for business operations, while academia needs to provide up-to-date information and practice that ensures newly trained professionals possess the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to work smartly on the latest technologies, including become a source that produces talents to foster needs on capable human resources of the businesses.

CC.jpgPerceived from the conversations with the interns, KV Electronics learns whenever it comes to understanding the differences between academia and industry, an essential element to bridge the gap is the viable link between these two entities. The success of an internship is also counted on how successfully the gap academia at school teaches and practitioners do work in their real life is closed.

As above reasons - The Internship program at KV Electronics is established to ensure significant aspects of industry and theory from the educational institutes are comprehensively represented, collaborative efforts between industry and academia demand a sustained link between theory and industry activities. This requires a close review of the differences between industry and academia and their experiences to exchange through successful internships and how interns learn what it takes to be part of business excellence. By looking back and forth, both industry and academia can study where each came from and how to build their collective future together on a partnership program.

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