KV Electronics – Our Small Step Can Make Big Changes at International IPAC Conference 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

26 February 2022

In collaboration with Thailand Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI - https://www.slri.or.th/en/) and The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI - https://eng.fti.or.th/), KV Electronics is pleased and honored to invite you to be with us at the IPAC Conference 2022 - The 13th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC’22) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 12-17, 2022 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center where is suited at the northern part of Bangkok (https://www.ipac22.org/).

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At the conference under Industry Session, a representative from KV Electronics will join the panel of delegates, professionals and keynote speakers from many countries on stage to share knowledge and experience how to succeed the technology transfer, taking provision of advices and suggestions deployed and adopted by the global accelerator community under the sub-topics and panel discussions of (1) Gap Analysis and Policy Deployment, (2) Innovation and Startups and (3) Disruptive on Particle Accelerator Technologies.

The first sub-topic of Gap Analysis and Policy Deployment, KV Electronics as a Tech-Business operator and a keynote speaker represented Thailand on this sub-topic, a company will focus on sharing how to bridge the gap in transferring, adapting and diffusing new technologies and devices resulting from R&D Work, Prototyping or Laboratory Trial of the particle accelerator to real-world applications including what lessons learned from the past the industry encountered, failed and/or achieved. 

In addition, national/international policies and systems used to enhance all levels of collaboration in particle accelerator technology among the stakeholders in the public sector, educational institute and industrial sector will also be addressed by showcasing such real examples of current collaborative projects commissioning now among people in the industries. The panel discussion takes an aim to learn effective policies and strategies recommended to the government agencies to endorse for removing the barrier in transferring new knowledge and innovation from conception to completion and/or from research to the user in the industrial sector.

In making such favorable environments for a successful and memorable conference with Thainess hospitality - IPAC’22 Industrial Session has an objective to bring together renowned leaders from the industry, government and academia assembled on stage sharing and offering new academic paper perspectives, expression of vital aspects, learning the case studies, making of win-win strategies and sharing experiences regarding challenges and opportunities associated with the field implementation of the technologies as well as how to effectively deal with the bottlenecks, these will also be discussed for better development of Particle Accelerators and a future of new industrial applications. 

About IPAC - The International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC) is the main international event for the worldwide accelerator community and industry. Attendees/Delegates will be presented and exchanged their cutting-edge accelerator research and development that gain the latest insight and new implementation to accelerator facilities and communities around the world.

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