KV Electronics - Powering up solar rooftop at factory

15 February 2022



“We are committed to continue making the most reliable production process and operational handling of magnetic components manufactured at a factory shopfloor while being environmentally friendly and meeting international standards on hazardous substances and sustainable energies.”

It is time that KV Electronics kick-offs the project that will take place to keep a corporate commitment of caring for the environments. The initiation of Solar Electricity Project and the construction of Solar Rooftop Installation that can deliver 136kWp of solar energy are taking an aim to be powering the production, facility and factory of KV Electronics in Thailand. 
Taking additional benefits of switching to use solar electricity at a factory of KV Electronics from the commonly known of reducing power costs, the project initiation of rooftop solar installation shall offer a wide range of benefits and opportunities to generate significant volumes of zero-carbon renewable energy and to achieve determination of KV Electronics to reduce carbon footprint emission to the environments and optimize the calculation of carbon footprint for commercials and industries. The works on Solar Rooftop Project at KV Electronics Factory are presently progressing and set a timeline to complete before end of the 1st Quarter/2022.
As known that solar energy is sustainable, renewable and plentiful whilst the cost of using solar to produce electricity by constructing the solar rooftop for residential, commercial and industrial users goes down each year. Together with support from the government, many Thai companies/manufacturers are increasingly switching to use solar electricity which the rooftop solar is a major element of this opportunity and could be a valuable tool in achieving Thailand's renewable energy ambitions. Now, there are over a million solar installations across the country. 

For KV Electronics - a strong partner of industrial friendly ecosystem in Thailand together with other key enablers - We’re all ensuring the collaborations that a company has the technical experiences and capacities to effectively deploy solar rooftop potential and committing to continue using any possible renewable power sources in according to Thailand’s commitment pledged at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland to reduce national greenhouse gas emission by reaching carbon neutrality in 2050 and net zero GHG emissions before 2065 including having 15 million Electric Vehicles in a country by 2035.

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