Thai-CERN Forum – Joining a forum to combine knowledge, research and industrialization

17 February 2022

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“As an industrial operator in Thailand, we are committed to be a part of private sectors, academic institutes and governments to support each other in the forum that makes greater benefits for the nation than we could ever achieve alone.” 

In the scale of partnership and collaboration with CERN program – On February 17, 2022, delegates from KV Electronics attended an online forum in Bangkok, Thailand with representatives and members of The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) supported by hands-on cooperation with Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). 

KV Electronics understands that there will be an immense opportunity to work with the world’s revolutionary program of CERN through the Thai-CERN Forum. In the forum, delegates from Thailand had the stage to exchange ideas and discuss issues, especially, to address any important public issues that may become bottlenecks in paving the way to a closed collaboration of Thai industry to the program with the representatives from CERN. 

At KV Electronics, it is an honor to participate in the forum and is convinced that it is very essential that we align our vision to collaborate with Thai Industry members in this mega project to create customized solutions that drive performance and support the customer journey towards sustainability by providing a solution through reliable products and services. And at the same time, the Thai Industry’s science and technology development could be enhanced further. 

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In Thailand, Thai-CERN Collaboration is now organized under the initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for an initial mission to help support computational science and engineering research in Thailand, providing computing systems that support High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud Computing Infrastructures and focuses on an integration of HPC and big data for national advantage, industrial procurement, knowledge/technology transfer and government use-case. 

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